The New Riders of the Purple Sage Tribute Show


Ronnie Penque's PANAMA DEAD
new riders of the purple sage Tribute

Wayne Wilson

Pedal Steel Guitar


After being classically trained on Piano in the 1970s Wayne moved  onto several other instruments including the Lap Steel where he began developing  the essential picking techniques. His musical journey eventually brought him to  the sounds of Country Rock and Outlaw Country. The grinding chords of the Pedal  Steel played by Buddy Cage and Ralph Mooney along with the haunting and ethereal  phrasing of Ben Keith pulled Wayne in forever. Although he became busy with  life, he maintained the love and passion for the music. At the tender age of 45  he decided to buy a Steel and get to it….He is self-instructed where the  aforementioned artists are his muse. He continues to learn new material and  techniques. He has recorded on several albums for prominent   local artists and enjoys  a busy playing schedule.

Wayne Wilson Pedal Steel Guitar
Wayne Wilson Pedal Steel Guitar