The New Riders of the Purple Sage Tribute Show


Ronnie Penque's PANAMA DEAD
new riders of the purple sage Tribute

Kevin Johnson


       Kevin started  playing a snare drum and cymbal at the age of 5. His first "gig" was a bongo  part in a 2nd grade play.  Playing all thru  grade schools he learned the importance of dynamics and to play in an ensemble  setting.  Kevin's main  drumming influence has always been that of Bill Kreutzman of the Grateful Dead.  Kevin latched right onto the New Riders from the very 1st "8 track" which he  still has. With a blend or preference to the styles of swing, jazz, country and  improvisation his playing is often called "lyrical" as he tends to "color" the  musical landscape. Some of Kevins other gigs are: Sandy Mack Jamily, 

Penque-Diomede  Band,  Alligator, Suburban Hillbillies, Ring of Fire Band  Flathead Dave and the Magnetos

Kevin Johnson - Drums
Kevin Johnson - Drums